Thursday, 12 March 2015


I will share some of my writing WALT. Add discriptive words to our nouns


I'm in the hospital bed because I need to get nostrils drilled into my nose. The doctors the getting the anaesthetics ready for me. They give me a strong scent oxygen mask and I fall into a deep dark sleep.

I'm just in a strange dream of weird nothing 'well that's how I would describe it' I woke a with a massive jolt  'I guess time flys'

Monday, 9 March 2015

my goals

My goals
To make the soccer winter sport team
To get distinction
To be a good house captain


I feel that i am being a good house captain because by organizing games even when i get put in the deep end.

Winter sport hasn't been yet but i will trial for football.

I don't think i will get distinction because i have been blogging much.