Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Leadership evidence

Today I showed leadership in P.A.L's because I ran a kauri game of dodge ball we had an excellent turn out and I explained the rules with my partners really well, everyone understood the rules and played perfectly. I also joined in as well as doing my job. We made it more fitnessy (if that's a word) by making them do 20 star jumps if they got out. I had Peer mediation and P.A.L's today.

leadership evidence

Today I showed leadership in Peer Mediation because I sorted out a problem 2 kids had with a ball. In the end we sorted out that they could play together and they seemed to like that idea. I showed initiative by repeating both of the story to the. Overall my day of Peer Mediation was successful and afterwards the kids came up to us and said thank you. I also had P.A.L's straight after.

Friday, 6 February 2015

leadership evidence 2015 week 1 term 1

This year I have been lucky enough to be house captain of Rata.
 One of my jobs for this role is setting up assembly. This week I have set up assembly twice for the Kakano and Kauri assembly with the other house captains I also sorted out the pozis to hand out with Hayley.    

leadership evidence 2015 week 1 term 1

This week I signed up for Peer Mediation.
I decided to do Peer Mediation again because I enjoy helping younger, or same age kids to sort out their problems. This year I am going to show up to all of my times and do it with pride.