Friday, 20 June 2014


The Fair Trading Act and the Consumer Guarantees Act protects Consumers from being misled
by Traders, however some Traders don't follow these laws. firstly small print can be small but not unreadable small. Secondly the Parking app, the Traders are supposed to inform you about any changes to the company. Lastly the Faulty baby carrier. Consumers are buying products off unauthorised websites. As a result of this the Traders are putting the consumers baby's in danger. If the Traders don't  follow the Trading laws then Consumers would be misled and Consumers would think that buying off unauthorised websites is insignificant.

This paragraph shows connectives and organisation.
I believe i am at Relational because i am really good at using connectives but i need to work on my organisation a bit.
My next step is to work on my organisation.

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